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Benefits of Using Mileage and Tracking Applications for Vehicles

Recording, the number of miles, travelled every day manually was a tedious task that was done a few years ago as a business practice. It was a cumbersome activity since drivers could sometimes forget to register their mileage due to many trips and barely any time to rest. When tax seasons would approach, they had to go looking for all receipts and scraps of paper they had recorded their trips. The rise of advanced technology has benefited this industry as a whole since it has made work easier. This article will discuss a few of the benefits of using mileage and tracking applications to manage vehicles.

The rise of smartphones has made work easier since it is light and can carry out as many activities as a computer. The first step will be downloading the application from your phone store and installing it. The phone needs to be connected to the car through Bluetooth so that it can record starting and stopping times of the vehicles automatically. This makes it easier for the driver to have a precise record of when he began and ended his trip. The GPS software is loaded into the application for the driver to use. This will help you to have the ability to see the route that you are supposed to follow especially when driving on unfamiliar roads. You cannot afford to scroll through your phone as you drive, instead use a hands-free device.

Having a mileage and tracking application helps to save time that is used to prepare reports that are in line with the regulations of IRS. The mileage tracking application automatically prepares reports in line with IRS. For you to claim a tax deduction, you will need to submit a full report of the miles covered to the IRS. When the expenses of a vehicle are beyond seventy-five dollars, receipts have to be submitted alongside the report. With the help of a smartphone, you can take a photo of every receipt which will help you create IRS reports to claim high exemptions.

As a business person who is in charge of quite a number of vehicles, a tracking application will be of help. This is because it will show the exact location of every vehicle at all times. As a result, it is easy to oversee the movement of your drivers as they go about their jobs. The other advantage is that drivers can receive updates regarding the state of the roads from these applications. This can be of great help to the driver so that he or she can avoid such roads. Moreover, the tracking application can help you maintain the safety of the roads by warning your drivers if they are speeding.

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