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The Advantages of Using Fabric Filters

One of the most effective methods of removing particulate from industrial gases is filtration. It is also good to note that there are many types of filters that you can choose from and this is what will determine its efficiency. One of the best filters that you can use is fabric filters which are made of a woven material in the shape of a cylinder or a flat supported envelope. Here are some of the benefits of using fabric filters in filtering industrial gases.

It is beneficial to use fabric filters since they have high energy. This is because they can collect 99.9% of the particles with a wide range of inlet grains loadings and particle size variations. Not all machines can be able to maintain a static pressure for a broader range of particle sizes and concentration at a high efficiency if not fabric filters and this is what makes it unique.

Not only that, but its energy is also not affected by sulfur content. You find that when there is the high concentration of sulfur a lot of gases will be emitted, and this might reduce the rate at which the filter traps the particles from the gas. When you use fabric filters you will not have to worry about the efficiency of the filters since they can withstand high pressure.

Also, fabric filters are also suitable to be used in filtration because of their reduced sensitivity to particle sizes distribution. Meaning that they will not be able to react very fast when you are supplying or changing particle sizes. Sensitivity goes with delivery and with fabric filters they will be able to continue their effectiveness since they don’t detect such changes.

Besides, it is beneficial to use fabric filters since they don’t need high voltage. One thing that you should know is that the moment you use high voltage your power bills will also rise sharply and this will interfere with your budget. Thus why fabric filters are the best since they can work with low voltage to produce high efficiency making it economical.

Also, it can absorb combustible specks of dust. You know that fire is very destructive and such types of powder are likely to cause the explosion. Thus why you should use fabric filters since their percentage efficiency is very high that gives it the ability to absorb flammable gases.

Lastly, fabric filters are also available in wide range of sizes and specifications. For that matter, you will be in a position to get a filter that matches your needs.

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